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Digital Library

SITCO Craft Archival Library(SCAL)

The Sindh Indigenous and Traditional Crafts Company (SITCO) has established SITCO Craft Archival Library SCAL with the objective to collect, contemporary and statistical information & as an important and credible resource centre for researchers, scholars, designers, crafts activists, crafts persons and art students. We aim to setup a data and research cell so as to facilitate research and design intervention, to create awareness and effective design development workshops for crafts persons and designers and to establish a network with other crafts organizations / museums / educational institutions for sharing of data on a reciprocal basis.

SCAL is to serve as a reference archive library. All organizations interested in using resources can become members on reciprocal basis.

Resources of SCAL to be collected.

  1. Original data generated by SITCO on craft, craft persons and craft clusters in Sindh.
  2. Historical data like images / texts from archeological sources / other archives in Pakistan / other countries.
  3. Books, Catalogues, Leaflets, Research Papers, Articles on the crafts of Sindh.
  4. All researches previously carried out by Government and NGO’s.
  5. Data on crafts design development from local and international sources.
  6. Data to be in Digital, Analog, Audio & Video format.