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Kashigar Conference - Nasarpur

The Sindh Indigenous and traditional Crafts Company (SITCO) organized a "Kashigar" Conference at Ceramic Centre, Nasarpur on Jan. 07, 2011 to address the issues and problems hindering the revival and growth of Traditional Craft of Glazed Architectural Tera-cotta titles. Almost 120 artisans experts, masters, aaprentices, from Hala and Nasarpur, students from Fine Art Department, University of Sindh, Jamshoro participated and attended the conference. Mr. Ghulam Haider, who has recently done his Masters from the Prince's School of Traditional Arts, London also addressed the conference. Master Kashigars from Nasarpur and Hala focused their speeches on the difficulties they face today in their work.

The Secretary, SITCO, called on the experts masters and artisans to join hands with SITCO for revitalization of ceramic glazed technology and formed a committee to address the problems and issues highlighted by the participants and to suggest practical strategies for the revitalization of traditional crafts, which is in high demand not only for restoration works but also for the decoration of modern buildings.

Some photographs regarding Nasarpur Conference (Click to view large size)

Nasarpur Conference - 01 Nasarpur Conference - 02 Nasarpur Conference - 03 Nasarpur Conference - 04 Nasarpur Conference - 05 Nasarpur Conference - 06